Speaker Reconing

Standard Speaker Reconing
Speaker Reconing Service Includes:

  • Complete inspection of speaker frame, pole piece, back plate, magnet gap, and terminals.
  • Clean magnetic gap.
  • Replacement of ALL moving parts, including voice coil, spider, cone, surround, dust cap, gasket and lead wires.
  • Full testing on completed repair.

For speaker repair and recone pricing by brand, please see our speaker repair brand links

Steel Frame Speaker Size: Recone Price: Aluminum Frame Speaker Size: Recone Price:
8″┬áStamped Steel Frame $55 8″ Cast Aluminum Frame $55
10″ Stamped Steel Frame $60 10″ Cast Aluminum Frame $60
12″ Stamped Steel Frame $75 12″ Cast Aluminum Frame $75
15″ Stamped Steel Frame $85 15″ Cast Aluminum Frame $85
18″ Stamped Steel Frame $99 18″ Cast Aluminum Frame $99